Sex/Gender Testing

Plant DNA Sex/Gender Identification, aka the plant gender test, is a new way to accurately identify male and female plants in a fraction of the time compared to visual sex detection. Our proprietary testing method identifies samples containing male-specific genetic markers without sequencing the underlying DNA.

Identifying sex at early stages reduces resources used on unwanted plants. To get started, simply place an order on this page. Then, obtain a DNA sample from a small piece of leaf material. Simply submit your samples to our lab and get your results in a matter of days! Plant DNA Sex/Gender Testing works with cannabis and hemp.

Benefits of Sex/Gender Testing

  • Increase your return on investment each harvest
  • Identify males in days, not months
  • Accelerate and streamline your pheno-hunts
  • Be more environmentally-friendly
  • Conserve as much as 6-8 weeks of time and resources, such as:
    • WATER
    • ENERGY
    • LABOR

How It Works

Sex/gender testing is an essential time saving tool during early stages of plant growth. It increases the cost-efficiency of growing from seed and helps you more effectively manage your crop space. Determine the phenotype of your plants long before they’re detectable by eye.

​Plant DNA Sex/Gender Testing works with the following types of plants:

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) (Mandolino et al., 1999 and van Bakel et al., 2011)


Our lab will send results via PDF within 2-5 business days after we receive your samples. Turnaround time depends on the number of samples submitted.

Before Collecting Samples

  1. Please read the entire instructions carefully before taking your samples. Download a printer friendly version here.
  2. Then, gather the required tools and supplies (see list below).
  3. Do not use dead, yellow or brown leaves. The ideal time to sample is right after the first true (serrated) leaves emerge, usually around 7-10 days post-germination. Please DO NOT use true leaves, use cotyledons (round leaves) to get the best sample.
  4. Water your plants 24-48 hours before collecting samples.
  5. Label plants and DNA Collection Kits before starting to ensure each sample is tracked back to the correct plant.
  6. Avoid cross-contamination during sample collection by wiping your tools with alcohol before and after working with each plant.

You Will Need

Nitrile or Latex gloves

Nitrile or Latex gloves
​To help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination


For plucking leaves


To cut leaf samples from plant

Alcohol (70% isopropyl or ethyl)

Alcohol (70% isopropyl or ethyl)
To wipe clown tools before and after each plant DNA sample is collected


  • A clean working surface
    To document and collect DNA samples
  • A blunt object
    Sturdy enough to crush leaves (e.g. a coin, marker or key)
  • A sample collection form
    To track your samples and ensure correct labeling. You can avoid writing out names by hand, (and save time, especially for large orders), by accessing an editable online version of the form here, then emailing or sharing the form when you submit your samples.
Click on the image above for a printable version of the form.

Collecting Plant DNA Samples


Identify and cut a cotyledon from your plant. Place the cotyledon between the plastic cover and filter paper.


Close the plastic cover and place on a solid surface.


Use a coin or blunt object to crush your sample through the plastic film. Continue until the leaf soaks fluid completely through both sides of the filter paper, leaving a dark green spot the size of your fingernail.


Remove leaf remnants leaving behind only what was absorbed by the paper.


Place sample inside the envelope then clean your tools, including the object used to crush your sample


Please do not seal the envelopes. Simply close the flap and use rubber bands to group batches of envelopes when you’re done.

Submitting Your Samples

Send samples to:

Kit Returns
5662 Calle Real #243
Goleta, CA 93117

You can also schedule a drop-off by contacting us here.

Click the image above to view a sample results datasheet

Samples collected using our protocols are free of any plant material and regulated substances. Delta Leaf does not accept samples containing plant material or any regulated substances.