Scapegoat Genetics

Scapegoat Genetics wants to help people get better. While many industries and companies look to profit off the needs of medical patients, Scapegoat Genetics looks to heal those who need healing with the power of cannabis flower and genetics. For patients who need a cannabis brand they can rely on and trust, Scapegoat Genetics provides flower and seeds with absolute transparency. Those who want to know what they’re putting in their body, those who want to talk more personally about their medicine, and those who want answers have an ally in Scapegoat Genetics.

The founder of Scapegoat Genetics has been cultivating since the early 90’s. In the “overgrow” era where you could only find seeds for sale on the internet, the founder spent thousands of dollars trying to find the most genetically enhanced seeds available. He founds himself in possession of classics like Reservoir and Chemdawg seeds. He began learning about the genetics, playing around and formulating his own unique strains. Coming from a family that valued growing after generations of grape growing, the founder discovered he had a talent for creating genetics that produced cannabis flowers that were powerful and flavorful.

In early 2011, after over a decade of cultivation, the founder was encouraged by his friend to provide his extraordinary genetics with the public. That friend was the founder of Slipknot. After years of immersing himself in the music scene, the founder of Scapegoat Genetics befriended Slipknot, the chaotic and aggressive heavy metal band. With their support, the founder decided to provide the cannabis community with his unique cannabis flower. This is how Scapegoat Genetic was born.

In the years since Scapegoat Genetics have helped numerous medical patients. Looking to serve the cannabis community, Scapegoat Genetics isn’t interested in just selling joints for the sake of selling joints; they want to make lives better.

Scapegoat Genetics provides flower and seeds to the cannabis community and marijuana industry. Those looking for premium medical marijuana flowers can purchase their meticulously cultivated flower. If you’re interested in growing your own medicine, Scapegoat provides their spectacular seeds for cultivators of all expertise.

Scapegoat Genetics’ flower has been a favorite for extract artists due to the massive amounts of trichomes on their flowers. Their flowers have been the source of extract brands such as Wolverine Extracts, NLD Extract, and Don Draper.

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